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What you need to know: P11D

If you or your employees receive certain benefits and expenses, you will need to submit a P11D for each person by 6th July 2017. The penalty for a late, carelessly or deliberately incorrect, or unfiled submission is high, so it is important to do it now and get it right.

Who needs one?

For each employee who receives relevant benefits or expenses, you will need to complete a separate P11D. This includes directors, employees and any relevant household members. They should receive a copy of the information submitted as they will need it for their personal tax return. 

Remember to give each relevant person a Statement of Information with all the details by 6th July as well.

Which benefits and expenses should you report?

The most common benefits and expenses reported are company cars, loans and private medical insurance. But the list is long and complex. You can find complete details in Booklet 480 or ask us.

Do I really have to complete one form for each person?

Maybe not. Since April 2016 you have been able to volunteer to report and account for tax via RTI system (known as payrolling). If you do this then no P11D is needed for the benefits reported via payrolling.

What if I got a reminder but I have nothing to report?

Simply complete a ‘no return to make’ form online.

Anything else?

Don’t forget the P11D(b). You must submit one for each person who has a P11D. It is how HMRC calculates Class 1A National Insurance payments for the relevant benefits and expenses. You must still complete the P11D(b) even if you submitted the relevant P11D information via payrolling. 

In summary

By 6th July, complete and submit a P11D and P11D(b) for each director, employee or member of their household who received benefits and expenses detailed in Booklet 480 and give them a copy, or pay a substantial penalty.Talk to us to find out more.

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